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Talent planning creates an employer-of-choice culture that leads to attracting, retaining, and developing your talent to achieve your goals.
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Did you know?


Current open jobs in U.S.A.

What is the biggest challenge to revenue growth in the next twelve months?

Covid 19


Tax Policy






Interest Rates




Supply Chain Issues






The future of talent.

Companies who win the battle for talent will use technology to plan for and solve their #1 issue and create an employer-of-choice culture.

We have all these plans in our organization and life, but how come we don't have a talent plan in our organization?

Marketing Plan
Retirement Plan
Workout Plan

Talent planning is proactively working upstream to solve your people-related issues before they impact your organization.

Three steps to develop talent plans for your organization.

MTP Goal


The first step is to develop a three-year strategic and financial vision that will guide all of your organizations talent decisions.


After you've defined your strategic vision, now you can define the talent needed to achieve it by developing three-year talent plans.


Define your company's goals, and ActOn plans to achieve them in four-month sprints, each one taking you one step closer to your strategic vision.

What does winning the battle for talent look like for your organization?

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Employer of choice culture
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Dominate your industry
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Employees love it
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Talent plan and decisions
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Make the right hire
You retain
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Realize full growth potential
People issues are minimized

MyTalentPlanner makes executing the right plan with the right people easy.

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Remote access
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Makes developing leaders easy
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All in one place
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Saves time
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Better execution
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Enhances accountability
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Achieve your vision
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Automates and scales planning

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We value our leaders opinions and take immense pride in our software.
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Zach Kelly

CEO, Packerland Brokerage

I’ve tried almost every strategy or talent software under the sun, and none of them are as comprehensive as MyTalentPlanner. What software do you know that helps you create a Strategy and Talent Plan, paired with execution, that grows your people and business?
Jim Dryburgh

President, The Balanced WorkLife Company

If you're looking to manage your talent development and recruiting processes, you should check out My Talent Planner. Their platform not only provides great value through TTI assessments, but also offers a wide range of additional benefits, such as managing your talent development and recruiting processes all in one place. With My Talent Planner, you'll be able to link strategies and streamline your operations to help you make the most of your resources. Their comprehensive suite of tools and features will help you identify top talent, develop employees, and ultimately drive better business outcomes. Overall, My Talent Planner is a great choice for organizations looking to optimize their talent management practices and achieve greater success in their business.