Pay less as you grow

As you grow your company on the MyTalentPlanner software you will pay less per user. Our advice is to start with your leadership team, then add your department teams, and finally add everyone else on the software.

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Flat Rate
Companies with 10 or less users Cost per month flat fee
1 to 10 Users $2501 to 10 Users $250
Adjustable Rate
Companies with more than 11 users Cost per user per month
11 to 24 users $1911 to 24 users $19
25 to 49 users $1725 to 49 users $17
50 to 74 users $1550 to 74 users $15
75 to 99 users $1375 to 99 users $13
100 to 149 users $12100 to 149 users $12
150 to 199 users $11150 to 199 users $11
200 to 249 users $9200 to 249 users $9
250+ users $7250+ users $7
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How it works

Companies with 10 or less users pay a minimum flat fee of $250 per month. Companies with 11 users or more pay per user per month. For example, 15 users X $19 is $285 per month. Companies are invoiced at the end of the month. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Our Features

Empower Your Organization with MyTalentPlanner: Elevate Efficiency, Collaboration and Growth Through Our Comprehensive Suite of Features.


  • Strategic vision
  • Financial vision
  • Financial dashboard
  • Metrics
  • Strategic document storage


  • Current organizational structure
  • Future organizational structure
  • Talent plan
  • Talent vision
  • Toolkit
  • Team development
  • Succession plan
  • Skill set gap analysis
  • Talent retention plan
  • Behavioral science team wheels
  • Leadership development
  • DISC
  • Motivators
  • Soft Skills
  • 9 Box


  • Meeting cadence
  • Google calendar Integration
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Leadership team meeting
  • Company meeting
  • Sprint meeting
  • Plan execution meeting
  • Permission
  • Transfer Issue/Opportunity to another meeting
  • Issues/opportunities
  • Meeting notes search
  • Meeting notes


  • Company goals
  • Sprints
  • Goal measurement
  • Goal champions
  • Goal priorities
  • Action plans
  • ActOn plans
  • ActIn plans

My Plan

  • 1:1 meetings
  • Behavioral science
  • Leadership Development plan
  • Dos & Don’ts of communication
  • Personal Goals
  • Professional Goals
  • Potential career paths
  • Relationships to develop
  • Performance plan
  • Performance review
  • Key accountabilities
  • Start, stop, & continue


  • Dropdown List of all the departments
  • Meetings
  • Financial vision
  • Metrics
  • Dashboard
  • Talent plan
  • Team wheels
  • 9 Box

Action Plans

  • Sort by meeting
  • Sort by department
  • Sort by owner
  • Sort by goal
  • Sort by priority
  • Sort by completed
  • Sort by Active
  • Sort by due date
  • Sort by Development Plan
  • Parking lot


  • Personal dashboard
  • How to Videos
  • Strategy Session
  • Team Development Session
  • Talent planning process
  • Process timeline
  • Step by step process
  • Self-Serve
  • North Star
  • Company dashboard
  • Templates
  • Meeting Agendas


When does the paid subscription begin?

When the thirty day free trial ends, your monthly subscription will begin.

Will I be notified before my free trial ends?

MyTalentPlanner will send you an email seven days before billing begins.

When will I be billed for my monthly subscription?

You would be billed at the end of the month for the amount of users you have.

How do I cancel my subscription today?

If you would like to cancel your subscription to the software, please email us.

Testimonials: Hear from Leaders

We value our leaders opinions and take immense pride in our software.
MTP Member
Zach Kelly

CEO, Packerland Brokerage

I’ve tried almost every strategy or talent software under the sun, and none of them are as comprehensive as MyTalentPlanner. What software do you know that helps you create a Strategy and Talent Plan, paired with execution, that grows your people and business?
Jim Dryburgh

President, The Balanced WorkLife Company

If you're looking to manage your talent development and recruiting processes, you should check out My Talent Planner. Their platform not only provides great value through TTI assessments, but also offers a wide range of additional benefits, such as managing your talent development and recruiting processes all in one place. With My Talent Planner, you'll be able to link strategies and streamline your operations to help you make the most of your resources. Their comprehensive suite of tools and features will help you identify top talent, develop employees, and ultimately drive better business outcomes. Overall, My Talent Planner is a great choice for organizations looking to optimize their talent management practices and achieve greater success in their business.

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