The Story of MyTalentPlanner Software – How consultants thrive through the technology disruption

MyTalentPlanner Software

The Discovery

In January 2020, I was energized, enlightened, and en route back home. After various information-overloaded conferences and a hectic morning getting to my terminal, the quiet of a window seat finally allowed my mind to process the week’s insights. The echoes of conversations with hundreds of SMB leaders lingered in my mind.

The world was evolving, and so was the technology disrupting the strategic HR/talent space.

I reflected on the transformations witnessed in the tactical space over two decades ago with the emergence of giants like ADP, Paylocity, Paycor, and Paycom. It became loud and clear that the next wave of change was imminent. Technology disruption was upon the strategic HR/talent space, and I wanted my team and our clients to get ahead of it.

So, I brought my team a mission. “We need to find a software solution to navigate this disruption and help our clients excel in strategic HR.”

What We Learned

We explored every software on the market, eager to find that strategic HR tool that could empower our clients during this time of change. However, we quickly realized that the software we were after did not exist. Not one software met our client’s needs AND provided a complete offering of strategic HR tools.

Then, the research began. We dove deep into the future of talent. It became apparent that companies would increasingly rely on technology to excel in strategic HR.

For our clients to survive this disruption, and better yet, thrive, we needed a software to help them dominate their industry with the right people and strategy.

The Opportunity

The team came to a unanimous conclusion. Talent planning would be the linchpin for our clients to sustain their company growth and successfully execute their strategies. So, where do we begin in creating a software that assists in developing a multi-year talent plan to align with a company’s strategy, fueling the growth of both people and the organization?

Differentiation became key. We aimed for category leadership in talent planning, recognizing that the integration of technology and talent planning would be our unique selling proposition. Building on insights from SMB leaders, we meticulously crafted a prototype that would set us apart.

Win/Win for Consultant and Client

The MyTalentPlanner prototype underwent continuous refinement based on client input. It evolved to encompass the essential features of strategic planning, talent management, and execution – all integrated into a single, user-friendly platform. This revolutionary software ties all of our client’s talent plans and decisions to their strategy and simplifies execution providing a holistic solution that no other software offers.

As we shared MyTalentPlanner with our clients, the response was positive. Leaders understood that winning the battle for talent was synonymous with winning in their industry/market. This realization fueled our commitment to developing our comprehensive software solution that addresses both the needs of consultants and their clients.

How Our Clients Win

MyTalentPlanner became the catalyst for clients to build high-performance leaders and teams across their organizations. Through the cultivation of an employer of choice culture, they attracted, developed, and retained high-performing team members. The software facilitated increased revenue and profitability, enabling clients to outperform their competition by excelling in talent planning.
The platform houses all talent strategies, plans, development, retention, succession, hiring, and promotion plans in one place. It has become a comprehensive tool for businesses aiming to strategically navigate the intricacies of human resources.

How My Consulting Journey Skyrocketed

As a consultant, this software presents an array of advantages. It allows me to increase revenue with less effort, positioning myself as an invaluable partner to my clients in the battle for talent. The annuity/recurring revenue model creates real wealth, making the consultancy a valuable asset that could potentially be sold.

MyTalentPlanner provides a do-it-yourself solution, empowering myself as a consultant and my team to develop and execute strategies independently. The all-in-one platform streamlines strategic, talent, and execution plans, along with individual talent plans and behavioral science assessments.

MyTalentPlanner’s efficiency, scalability, and remote accessibility proves to be game-changing for consultants. It not only increases sales with existing clients but also eliminates the need for traditional paper and flash drives.

Services provided to clients extend beyond the software, including workshop/speaking fees, assessments, client certifications/training, and a commission on all companies onboarded and maintained on the software.

What a Consultant Built for Other Consultants

MyTalentPlanner encapsulates the essence of talent planning, providing a blueprint for consultants to navigate the tech disruptive landscape and emerge as indispensable partners to their clients.

As we reflect on this journey, it is not just about software; it is about empowering consultants to thrive in a dynamic business landscape. It is about equipping them with the tools to lead their clients to victory in the battle for talent. This story serves as an invitation for you and other consultants to join this transformative journey, to embrace the future of strategic HR, and to build practices that not only survive but thrive in the age of technology disruption.