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MyTalentPlanner was created by a talent advisor for other talent advisors like you! You will help them solve their number one issue and grow their organization.
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As a talent advisor, you will experience more revenue with less work as you increase annuity revenue to create real wealth while doing what you love every day.

Why you should use MyTalentPlanner?

Every organization you maintain on MyTalentPlanner you get all of the following:

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Consulting Revenue

You get all the revenue for helping your client utilize talent planning.

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Assessment Revenue

You increase revenue (annuity) as your clients buy assessments to implement their talent plans

talent management software
15% Commission

You get 15% commission (annuity) of all the subscription revenue for organizations you onboard and maintain on software.

talent management software
Training Revenue

You get all revenue for training, workshops, and speaking events.

talent management software
Customer support

Our customer success team is here to support you as you grow your business

talent management software
Free Account For You

Your consulting firm gets a free account in MyTalentPlanner to execute your own strategy and talent plan

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How do you become a TPA?

Our promises to you.

Let's win the battle of talent for our clients together.
Your clients are yours

We will never market your clients. They will only receive product updates and action plan reminders.

User experience is priority

We are in a constant pursuit of a better user experience for your clients and their team members.

Win / Win

We are here to help you with onboarding, sales, and customer success to achieve your goals.

Free lead generation

If a company in your geographic area signs up for MyTalentPlanner, we will refer them to you.

Become an Advisor

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Providing you the knowledge to master the skill of talent planning.


Talent Planning eBook

Offering you the resources you need to become an expert talent planner.

Talent Planning Software

Building Your Career as a Talent Planning Advisor

Essential Tips and Strategies - Webinar


Is there an annual fee for Talent Planning Advisors?

No, just a monthly subscription of $75 per consultant.

Is there training involved to become a Talent Planning Advisor?

Yes, 4 hours (remote) and $500 training fee

Can I use my own process or modify the Talent Planning Process?


Can I put my clients on MyTalentPlanner if I provide HR/coaching services but I do not provide strategy services?



We value our leaders opinions and take immense pride in our software.
Jim Dryburgh

President, The Balanced WorkLife Company

If you're looking to manage your talent development and recruiting processes, you should check out My Talent Planner. Their platform not only provides great value through TTI assessments, but also offers a wide range of additional benefits, such as managing your talent development and recruiting processes all in one place. With My Talent Planner, you'll be able to link strategies and streamline your operations to help you make the most of your resources. Their comprehensive suite of tools and features will help you identify top talent, develop employees, and ultimately drive better business outcomes. Overall, My Talent Planner is a great choice for organizations looking to optimize their talent management practices and achieve greater success in their business.

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